"Quality That Exceeds Expectation"


Poor concrete prep is the leading cause of failure for concrete coatings.  In 95% of the cases where a coating fails, it is traced back to insufficient or inferior prep work. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find a company to install your floor coating.  Finding a company to install it the right way, with the the correct prep work, however, is not so easy.  The equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain, and the learning curve is steep.  But having the right equipment and using it correctly is essential to installing a durable flooring system that will stand the test of time. Acid etching is not sufficient.  Sanding is not efficient.  Bonding agents are not sufficient.  Diamond grinding is the preferred method and stands as the industry standard for proper prep methods for floor coatings.  Southeast Concrete Solutions, LLC utilizes 2 diamond grinders (accompanied with dust collection systems) to ensure that your concrete is properly profiled and ready to accept our floor coatings.   It doesn't matter what type of coating you are having installed - if your floor is not properly prepped, it will not last...period.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.  The team at SCS has made the investment in the equipment -now you get to reap the benefits with a floor that will be there as long as you are.